Aquarium Zoo Berlin

Energy savings for over 50 exhibits.

About Aquarium Zoo Berlin

This unique aquarium, founded in 1913, is part of the famous Zoo Berlin. The number of tanks is impressive: around 50 exhibits are home to some of the animal kingdom’s most mysterious creatures in exciting shapes and colours.

The request: Energy savings and efficiency check for over 50 exhibits.

Start energysaving

In 2018, we started a project to optimize pumps, hydraulics and filtration by doing an intensive audit and a full report of 200 pages… Each tank has its own dimensions and circumstances to provide each fish with their optimal habitat. Therefore, ATO Energysaving was challenged to advise on various energy saving set-ups. We never shy away from a challenge. In 2019, we started the way to perfection. We have achieved already significant savings: 75% on the smaller exhibits by using Abyzz DC pumps. and some finetuning!

We are very proud to be involved in this ongoing project and we are very happy to work with the great team of ZOO Berlin and Aquarium Berlin achieve great results.

This is what we’ve achieved

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Energy savings (kWh per year)


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