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Energy savings and hydraulic improvements.

About Burgers’ Zoo Arnhem

Burgers’ Zoo was founded in 1913 and is one of the most inventives Zoo’s in Europe, perhaps in the world: The first Safari Parks in 1968, the first chimpanzee colony in a Zoo (1970), the first covered tropical rainforest (called the Bush: 1,5 hectares, 1988) and a unique natural coral reef in the Ocean, opened in 2000. In this 8 million litres aquarium, which replicates a coral reef of the Indo-Pacific, the habitat feels so at home that conservations programs are very succesfull.

The request: Get insights on energy use and efficiency for the Ocean and the new Mangrove (2017).

Defining of energy use

At the beginning 2018, we did a 3-days audit and we closed it with a presentation for the curator, aquarists and technical staff. Focus was to determine the efficiency of the 20 years old ARBO pumps, which, despite their age, did their work as if it were their first day. However, the efficiency of pumps has increased the recent decades, which was confirmed with the switch to a new ARBO pump with 3D technology in the consequent project: Together with a little hydraulic fine-tuning, energy use is now 50% less! Another part of the project was finding a very, very quite, vibrations-free pump, to be placed, as visible at the picture on the right, on a wooden scaffolding, close to the protein skimmer. A challenge that was no problem for the new Abyzz A1200 with DC technology. Furthermore, several Abyzz AFC400’s have been placed in the coral reef tank, creating flow with whom the habitat florishes.

We are extremely proud to be involved in several optimalisations projects and we are very happy to work with the great team of Burgers’ Zoo. To be continued!

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