ATO Energysaving


ATO Energysaving

This is how we work


First, we perform an audit at your aquarium

We measure and calculate the efficiency and effectivity of your LSS systems.


We engage your people in the process

We believe change requires support throughout the organization. Therefore, we involve everyone, from biologists to technicians, to get insights into your energy saving potential.


Then, we create a plan for improvement

We optimize the hydraulics and pumps. We look for weak spots and make sure the right equipment is used to function optimally. By tuning the sand filters and making protein skimmers more effective, we improve water parameters.

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We pave your way for sustainability

Usually, we can make sure you need only half of the energy and water you used before. And by improving the conditions of your expensive equipment, you can also cut back on maintenance costs.

Interested in our projects?

We understand that the habitat in your aquarium requires a precious balance!

We know what it takes to protect your rare sea life while optimizing your aquarium. We speak the language of your biologists, technicians and management, making sure everyone is involved in optimizing your aquarium.