SEALIFE Istanbul

Energy savings and a more effective way to clear detritus.

About SEALIFE Instanbul

This huge tank in the Turkish aquarium of SEALIFE Istanbul is integrated in a modern shopping mall, giving a spectacular view in the Ocean world. As space is limited, a design was made by which the water had to overflow at one side of the tank towards the LSS.

This means that detritus has to be lifted also. In practice, unfortunately the detritus did not reach this LSS sufficiently.

The request: Energy savings and a more effective filtration.

Saving 700.000 kWh per year

Total energy use was also a point of interest. After having completed a thoroughly audit, ATO Energysaving advised on a new LSS set-up with Abyzz axial flow pumps and AFM glass filter media. After the aquarium did implement this concept, two pumps of 30kW each were no longer needed.

As a result, SEALIFE Istanbul is now saving 700.000 kWh per year. And they save on salt and water usage, resulting in a Return-On-Investment time for this project of less than 2 years.

This is what we’ve achieved

Let’s take a look at the facts


Tank specifics (liters)


kWh saved since upgrade


Investment costs returned within

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