Den Blaa Planet Copenhagen

Energy savings and especially noise reduction.

About Den Blaa Planet Copenhagen

The Den Blaa Planet is located near to the Copenhagen Airport and is the first tourist attraction visitors of Denmark are seeing. And they will not regret it if they do.

The request: Energy savings and especially noise reduction.

After ATO Energysaving and the Den Blaa Planet team performed a successful audit, we took up a couple of projects for the Den Blaa Planet Copenhagen aquarium.


In 2018 we started with an audit, putting a plan together and exchange of the first pumps. A nice story is that people ask when the pumps would start running, although they were in operation already. In this project we achieved amazing results on noise reduction!


In 2019 the project continued by replacing all, very noisy, main pumps for the Ocean tank by smooth running ARBO pumps. In 2020 an upgrade for the otter tank was realized. The project will continue, getting more for less energy and noise.

Get more for less. Except the noise!

Picture of some of the ARBO pumps. In this case they deliver each 250 m3/h. For doing it, they only need 5kW! And compared with previous pumps, reduction of average 20 dB(A) was achieved.

The secret? Good pump selection and knowing the conditions they have to work in!

Good news for everyone, including the habitat!

This is what we’ve achieved

Let’s take a look at the facts


Estimated energy savings


Tank specifics


Average return on investment

Let’s work together!

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We know what it takes to protect your rare sea life while optimizing your aquarium. We speak the language of your biologists, technicians and management, making sure everyone is involved in optimizing your aquarium.