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About us


About ATO-Energysaving

ATO Energysaving is run by Aldo van Tongeren. With an engineering degree and over 20 years of experience with LSS hydraulics, he can tell you everything you need to know and more about energy and cost reductions in aquaria.

Having worked with both engineers and management, he knows how to bridge a gap between parties and to create solutions that are supported across the board. Aldo works together with your aquarium’s staff to make sure everyone understands the improvements and workings of the aquarium, to guarantee effectivity for years to come. Reliable, accessible and with a heartfelt drive for sustainability.

“Getting more with less is not just a slogan to me. I care deeply about energy saving. On average we find a potential for energy saving of 1 million kWh a year at every public aquarium. That is a reduction of over 600 tons of CO2 per aquarium. Imagine the result if we research all aquaria in the world!  I would love to share my thoughts with you.” – Aldo van Tongeren

This is what we’ve achieved

ATO Energysaving -> Get more with less!


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We understand that the habitat in your aquarium requires a precious balance!

We know what it takes to protect your rare sea life while optimizing your aquarium. We speak the language of your biologists, technicians and management, making sure everyone is involved in optimizing your aquarium.