Legoland Windsor

Improving water quality while reducing electricity usage using AFM

About Legoland Windsor

Situated near London, Legoland Windsor Resort is one of the most visited attractions in United Kingdom. This amazing amusement park is home to the LEGO CITY: DEEP SEA ADVENURE, an impressive million liter tropical marine aquarium, in which guests take a voyage in “submarines” where they can see sharks and over 1000 other tropical fish.

The request: Improve mechanical filtration by changing filter media from quartz sand into AFM. This should also improve the pH and reduce energy consumption by utilizing Variable frequency controllers driving the water pumps.

pH 8+; Energy saving 225.000 kWh/year

After removing the 10 years old quartz sand and replacing it with AFMng, the water clarity of the tank improved significantly and the pH value of the system saw an improvement. Although improving the water quality was the key objective, we also achieved an impressive reduction in the consumption of electricity saving approximately 225.000 kWh per year, resulting in a ” Return-On-Investment” time of 3-4 years with this project. An additional benefit is the increased lifespan of AFMng filter media which is double (or even triple) the 10year lifespan of quarts sand previously used!

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